Conversations Beyond Science and Religion: Punk Science

Punk is a term more often associated with fierce rock music and harsh lyrics than as a form of science. The legacy of punk rock is one of rebellion, attacking conventional society and mainstream culture. “Punk Science” is also the name of a book by this week’s guest, Manjir Samanta-Laughton, of the UK, who has gained international fame for interpreting the findings of physics and cosmology in a new and creative way, and one that challenges mainstream science’s fundamental paradigm. She joins host Philip Mereton in a conversation about what a new scientific paradigm might look like and her own Black Hole Principle.

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Conversations Beyond Science and Religion: Science’s Dirty Secret Revealed: It Fudges the Math to Explain the World

We rely upon the leaders of modern science to tell us the truth, particularly when the subject is the nature of the very world we live in. But it is well known that modern physicists apply a gigantic fudge factor to the equations underlying their theories of the physical world. Data fudging didn’t work out too well for certain proponents of global warming. Why is no one talking about this fudging that is occurring on a much grander scale? Dr. Chris Oakley, who was driven out of the physics community for voicing objections to the fudging problem, joins host Philip Mereton from the U.K. in a conversation about why physicists resort to mathematical contrivances to explain the world, and what it means for the future of science.

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